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    IoT based Home appliances application

    Client Requirement :

    The home appliances and security company want to operate all electronics devices of Home using an android mobile application. The company has own client devices which are connected to the server device and the android mobile application connect to a server device for controlling all home appliances.

    Our Solution :

    We began with planning and gathering requirements. We get all the requirements about communication between server devices. The server device is Wi-Fi enabled and connected with all home client devices to operate it.

    We created the android application which connects to the server device and sends a command to start, stop the home appliances like Lights, AC, and Doors.

    User can start and stop the lights in different rooms. The user also can start and stop lights using voice commands.

    Features :

    We have helped Home appliances and security company to operate a server device from Android phone to access all connected home appliances.

    • User can able to switch ON / OFF lights, Fans.
    • User can able to start AC.
    • User can operate the Doors and Main Gate of Home using Android devices.
    • User can operate specific room lights using Android Phone.

    User can operate home appliances using voice command too.


    • Technology: Android & iOS
    • Programming language: Java
    • Industry: Home and Utilities



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