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    Real estate

    Client Requirement :

    One of our customers requires the Real estate solution where user can see there building before construct and user can tour the whole apartment in their home. This will increase the sales up to 30 to 40% in their real estate business.

    Our Solution :

    We began with planning and gathering requirements. Finding the solution which will work in mobile and increase the sale in market. We introduce the 3D model of the building. When user hover the mobile application on the advertise media the 3D model popups. When user clicks on the floor, it shows the floor plan of the building model. We also introduce the first time 3D virtual tour in Augmented Reality where user can view the whole apartment without building it. It will help the builder to increase their sales up to 40%.

    We introduce the Room View in the Augmented Reality which provides more than 360 view of the apartment in there home.

    Features :

    We have helped real estate market to increase their sales using RealAR application.

    • More than 360 View using 3D model of Apartment.
    • Real room view provides the feeling like walking into real home.
    • Apartment model appears on their advertising media.
    • User can zoom in and Zoom out the 3D model.
    • Users can rote the model to see the every view of it.

    It has the floor plan view when click on 3D building model.

    Technology :

    • Augmented Reality (AR)
    • Unity 3D
    • C# language
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