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    Top 6 topics about AngularJS that Developers Loved

    Top 6 topics about AngularJS that Developers Loved

    Following are top 6 popular topics in AngularJS discussed on forums such as StackOverflow: Top 6 topics about AngularJS that Developers Loved

    1. Directives: This is, no doubt, the most popular and powerful feature of AngularJS directives as also indicated by the count of discussion threads posted on StackOverflow as of today.
    2. Re-usability: Once created a directive as part of a module, all that one needs to do to use the directive is including the module as a dependency when defining a new module and define the directives wherever required on the page.
    3. Usability: Owing to the fact that one could give intuitive names to directives, directive enhances the readability and understanding ability of code by a notch.
    4. Greater adherence to the DRY principle: The aspect of tempting makes directive a very attractive feature. It does reduce the duplication of code as same HTML template code could be used at several places without the need to write the code in HTML file.
    5. Scope Object: This is the second most popular topic found based on the discussion count. Rightfully expected as well! The whole notion of Scope object and how it is key to dependency injection makes it one of the most powerful as well as a tricky concept of AngularJS.
    6. Ng-repeat: The ng-repeat feature brings power to AngularJS from the fact that it is one of the features that removed the need of server-side code required to repeat the HTML code over multiple iterations. With ng-repeat, one could easily repeat HTML code multiple times.
    7. Angular UI & Bootstrap: One of the shortcomings of AngularJS for good or bad is its inability to be one and all solution to create some great UI along with powerful eventing feature. For creating fancy or great looking UI, one would still have to go to UI frameworks such as bootstrap, Kendo-UI etc.
    8. Routing: Routing feature is key to creating single page application. One of key reason why AngularJS is very popular is the ease with which one could create a single-page application using it. And, routing feature makes it all happen. No doubt, this is why many developers have been looking for it.
    9. Service: Service feature helps one to create reusable components in an Angular module. These services could then be injected in another module using dependency injection feature.

    Please feel free to comment/suggest if we missed mentioning one or more important points.

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