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    How to Improve Google Search Ranking for Your Site

    How to Improve Google Search Ranking for Your Site

    In digital firm, Day by Day we need to improve our work strategies in digital marketing when you have so many competitors in your online businesses. Select and choose correct SEO strategies that’s impact on business and your business related audience. You must implement your website under the google guidelines and their rules for rank website in search engine result pages. We write a helpful blog to improve google search ranking. Avoid below points for rank-up your site in google.

    • Avoid multiple page redirection
    • Properly size images
    • Defer unused CSS
    • Minify CSS & JavaScript
    • Efficiently encode images
    • Enable text compression
    • Reduce server response time
    • Use video formats for animated content
    • Serve images in next –gen formats
    • Ensure text remains visible during webfont load
    • Dealing with offscreen images
    • Implementing a caching policy

    Google updates their algorithms and give a better result with easy way to get the information what user want to know. Stay and connect with us for read more blog on how to rank up in google and different search engine (Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

    In this Digital word, stay update and share updates. Thank You.

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