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    Features of Unity 2018.3

    Features of Unity 2018.3

    Now available Unity 2018.3 includes new features & fixes and improvements. See below Key Point Unity 2018.3

    • Improved Prefab Workflows
    • Visual Effect Graph (Preview)
    • Updated Terrain System
    • FPS Sample Project

    Unity 2018.3 Features: –

    • Added App Bundle generation support
    • Added notch support for Android
    • Support for request permissions at run time for apps using API level 23
    • Added the automatic installation & configuration of Open JDK when installing Unity Android support
    • Added SkinnedMeshRenderer.forceMatrixRecalculationPerRender property to manually render a skinned mesh multiple times within a single update
    • Added support for importing R16 textures and ability to view each channel in the Texture Inspector
    • improvements to the window tabs
    • Available new searchable window to display and edit Project Settings and Preferences.
    • memory-less frame buffer depth to iOS Metal
    • Shadow bias options
    • Support for render targets & the R16 texture format
    • ParticleSystemForceField component & updated External Forces module.
    • Ring buffer mode, for persistent effects such as footprints or bullet holes.

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