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    Do You Know Which Is Top Addictive Game?

    Do You Know Which Is Top Addictive Game

    Do You Know Which Is Top Addictive Game?

    So many games famously were first launched for the PC, iOS, and Xbox version and then, later on, was moved to the much-underpowered platform of the phone. PUBG begins with parachuting down from a plane to an island with other 99 players. This game is not the first one to use the formula of ‘the last survivor wins’.

    Let’s see the reasons which Are top addictive game? In the last few months, we listen to a lot of about PUBG mobile game. There are the trending memes about PUBG in social media and whole over the digital world.

    If a few of you do not know which Is top addictive game? We tell you about the top mobile game. PUBG game’s main plot is based on lone survivor. Players fight with each other to get ammunition & supplies. The last man standing wins the game.

    Here are the reson for addictive game:

    • Straightforward to be told, onerous to Master
    • Player Population
    • Clear Progression
    • Bit by bit up
    • One thing for All Levels
    • Escape
    • Social Activity = mostly more fun
    • Gives you mission
    • Constant Measurable Growth (Achievements & Reward)
    • Low Initial Investment
    • Habits are triggered by “Associations”

    We(Prisom Technology LLP) can say that so many games are full of Motivation, Challenge, Reward, Repeat game.

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