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    Blockchain technology is Hero next door

    Blockchain technology is Hero next door

    Blockchain is virtual goddess Still many people have less Idea what actually Blockchain is?

    Blockchain technology, which first migrates as the star of bitcoin in 2009, is heralded as the most important innovation since the Internet itself. Everyone in the market believes that blockchain will change every business model, from medical to airlines; entertainment & media to oil & gas; from insurance to the government sector. But does your industry really need blockchain? Are you equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support a blockchain application? What do your peers think about it? Take a few minutes to complete our Blockchain Fitness Assessment and find the answers for yourself.

    Simply Block chain 

    A chain of the block that contains information is called block chain. That’s it! Noh. A block chain is decentralized public distributed ledger that is used for transection across many computers.

    Enlighten your Business By Block chain

    Banking and Finance

    • Both banks and financial services save a considerable amount by lack of intermediaries in a Blockchain. They enhance the safety and security of cross-border as well as domestic payments.
    • The banks increase the efficiency of the compliance process and establish a better relation with the financial regulators- through the KYC processes and compliance platforms along with the Blockchain technology.
    • Banks are prone to cyberattacks for their centralized databases. New secure systems on Blockchain technology reduce frauds.
    • Blockchain ensures traceable and transparent transactions – that creates improved loyalty programs.

    Supply Chain

    Blockchain reduces fraudulent activities. Blockchain automates traceability. Exchange of confidential business document such as Letter of Credit. Automated execution of payments with Smart Contracts.


    The blockchain is hyper-personalized and customer-controlled loyalty programs. It increases brand awareness by sharing rewards between users. It ensures strategic insights for personalized reward programs. Its a roof of provenance and authenticity of products. Blockchain assures proof of product purity to bring a change in customer attitude for specialized food sources.

    IoT & Big Data

    Smart Contracts improves compliance and enhances cost-efficiency – as they are supportive of specific IoT processes. It builds trust by reducing tampering. It reduces cost due to lack of intermediaries – on both IoT and Big Data. Blockchain comes with high-end security and helps in IoT security.


    The blockchain is less occurrence of fraudulent cases. More user-friendly loyalty schemes with instant redemption of loyalty bonuses.The better way of tracking baggage. E-ticketing – based on the idea of Tokenization. Privacy of Passenger’s data to avoid any misuse Dependency on automation for reliable business tasks in Blockchain.


    Blockchain provides Proof-of-existence of any document. Patient-data management through the accessibility of personal records. A smart contract – that states the condition of data access on the blockchain. Blockchain enables to store healthcare records throughout the entire span of your work, from childhood to old age. This not only improves the quality of care delivered but reduces errors.

    See how some application uses the Block chain to empower their app

    Token that pay

    A chat-enabled wallet application built on block chain technology, Token Chat is created to expand financial services applicable to cryptocurrencies. We firmly believe in cryptocurrencies and block chain technology being the key to the future of the economy. We are not merely financial advisors and investors, as we firmly believe that there is a future whereby anyone will be able to access financial services provided by cryptocurrencies.

    Our aim is not to serve speculators, but to promote cryptocurrencies as a common form of payment method.
    Convenience in daily life can be achieved as a result.

    Cryptocurrency is a method to achieve this aim, and we strive to provide products and services required to facilitate its distribution and promotion.

    Our mission is to ensure that cryptocurrencies become a mainstream method for payment in everyday life.

     Vebio social app with blockchain technology

    video is an instant messaging/social app with blockchain technology (it will be available from v4), we aim to offer a utility token to be used for our vibeo API. The main objective is to join the top 5 along with wechat, snapchat and WhatsApp with respect to popularity and number of users.

    VBEO tokens are utility tokens tied to the vibeo API. They aim to be used by eventual partners that wish to connect/add their services to our interactive map.

    VBEO tokens can be purchased during our token sale, if you missed it, you would have to buy them on an exchange. The name of the exchange will be communicated at a later date.


    The blockchain is the permanent data saving technology that cannot be altered, and the information risk and costs of “transactions” using such technology are significantly reduced. According to these characters, use ALLN for the transaction as the solution of these situations:

    • With the blockchain technique, the supply chain of the industry is easy to confirm the cash flow or rights transferring. Travellers can choose ALLN to become the payment tool for booking their itinerary via a travel agent and tracing the blockchain data for acceptance checking.
    • Allen’s smart contract allow consumers to buy a ‘right of ownership’ of flight tickets. So, consumers don’t need to provide ID or name when booking and paying the ticket. At last, consumers can transfer the rights to anybody or issue the tickets for self-using before the deadline set by airlines.

    Smart Contracts

    Jumping from oil to the engine, smart contracts comprise the structure that facilitates transactions between suppliers and users.  Smart contracts are like IF-THEN executions or even more simply, like a vending machine. If you pay a contractually agreed upon amount or fulfil a specified condition, the service or product is immediately executed without verification.


    What matters with utilizing bitcoin though is the blockchain technology? Transactions are validated as they evolve, each adding a block to the chain. Distributed ledger is a capability that can fulfil multiple federal spending requirements, from old school Federal Acquisition Requirements(FAR) to the nascent Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR).  Indeed, had the Department of Defence been able to actualize bitcoin for payment sooner, it might have headed off the need for FIAR.

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