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What is live Streaming Video – Pros and Cons of Live Streaming

Live streaming is the telecom of real-time, live video to a crowd of people over the web. All you should probably live stream is an internet enabled device, similar to an advanced mobile phone or tablet, and a stage to communicate on. In streaming video and audio, the traveling data is a stream of information from a server. The decoder is an independent player or a module that fills in as a part of a web browser. The server, data stream, and decoder cooperate to give individuals a chance to observe live or pre-recorded broadcasts. Let’s see the pros and cons of live streaming.

Pros of live streaming

  1. Very Engaging
  2. Long Viewing Sessions (instant viewing)
  3. A Lot of Streaming Options
  4. New Revenue Options
  5. Don’t have to waste memory space on the hard drive
  6. Use specific bandwidths
  7. More security of content publishing

Cons of live streaming

  1. Much More Technical Set Up
  2. Accessibility
  3. Legal Issues
  4. Slow playback
  5. Possible start/stop of the video if the connection is not good
  6. Quality depends on a number of people also using the video

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