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Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that works autonomous of any central bank. This sort if advanced cash utilizes encryption strategies to play out the activities done on regular currency. Things like the generation of more units and confirming subsidizes exchange are altogether performed by this encryption method. Let’s see Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

All in all, what does this all mean? Working autonomous of governments and central banks and their approaches implies cryptocurrency is an approach to store individual riches that is practically difficult to confine and seize.

Cryptocurrency Pros:

  1. Cryptocurrency is transparent
  2. Inflation is unlikely
  3. Portability
  4. You control your money
  5. Transactions cannot be traced
  6. Greater liquidity as compared to its peer
  7. Full acceptance and popularity among the people
  8. Virtual transactions easier than regular currencies
  9. Lower transaction fees
  10. Privacy and anonymity in relative to traditional currencies
  11. No dependency on creators or political agents
  12. Scarcity makes it more precious

Cryptocurrency Cons:

  1. Several people don’t understand it and so are mistrustful of it.
  2. Cannot be recovered if lost
  3. Transactions made with cryptocurrency cannot be traced
  4. It is subject to market fluctuations
  5. Delayed transactions
  6. Dark marketplaces are working towards the damage
  7. Susceptible to price swings
  8. No recovery once the private key is lost, its lost forever
  9. Maybe replaced by potential cryptocurrencies

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