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    Galaxy Tour Application for Educational Institutes

    Client Requirement :

    Nowadays, a revolution in education is on the pick. The educational institute requires the solution of a tour of our galaxy with deep learning of every planet with the latest technology where student feels real galaxy model. Also, there should have all information about planets when the student interacts with the selected planet.

    Our Solution :

    We began with planning and gathering requirements of the Galaxy model. We started to find all information about our galaxy with all planets. After that our 3D artist build every planet model with animation in Autodesk Maya. Now, our expert developer team integrated the 3D Model into the Unity 3D using Augmented Reality (Google ARCore) to provide a tour of Galaxy. The application has all the information about all planets. For example, when the student clicks on Earth then it provides all information about Earth with geographical information.

    Features :

    We have helped the educational institute to improve its understanding of our galaxy and its planets with information using Augmented Reality.

    • It has real-time Galaxy 3D model with animation.
    • Every planet has all information when click on planet.
    • Student can zoom in and out the planet with animation.
    • All planets are animated in there orbits.

    The earth has animated with satellite.

    Technology :

    • Operating System: Windows
    • Framework : .NET
    • Web Server: IIS
    • Programming Language: C#
    • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
    • Development Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Industry: Healthcare
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