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General communication vs. business communication

Firstly, Business communication and general communication are two noteworthy parts of communication. When we trade data irrelevant to business, it is called general communication and when data identified with business is traded among business people, it’s called business communication. The methods, process, types and principles etc. of business communication remain almost the same with those of general communication.

The differences between business communication & general communication are shown below form different viewpoints:

  • Business Communication
    1. Communication deals with only business related information
    2. It is more formal, direct and well organized
    3. It uses certain formats to convey the message
    4. There is no scope of using personal feelings or emotions or opinion in business messages
    5. It always deals with practical information
    6. It is impartial and objective
  • General Communication
    1. It deals with the information except for business.
    2. It is less formal, indirect and not well organized.
    3. It has Different formats are used here according to the will of the communication.
    4. Personal feelings, emotions and opinions take most of the part of general communication.
    5. It may contain factious information.
    6. It may be partial and subjective.

Conclusion, it can be said that business communication and general or personal communication both are important for us, yet there are some important differences. Enumeration The application, style, method, formalities of both the communication systems must be considered with due importance to make them effective.

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